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If you are looking to treat your loved ones or simply want to pamper yourself then why not order my 2023 calendar?! You can choose to have it filled with the best shots I made throughout the year, or if you prefer you can build your own from my picture library or pictures I take for you.

In order to make sure that the calendar arrives in time for Christmas, please ensure you pre- order by December 7.

Your 2022 calendar options:

  •  The best 13 wildlife shots of 2021 (inc. front cover)

  •  A calendar focussed solely on dogs 

  •  An individual calendar with pictures I take of your own pet or out of my library

  •  Format: A3


On the left side you find two examples of possible calendar pages. 

The price per calendar (dogs & wildlife) excluding shipping costs is CHF 35.–  
An individual calendar costs 50.– due to single order.  

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Nicole Watkins



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