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Summer holidays in South Africa 


August 2022

For generations, southern Africa has been the dream destination in my family. After my first visit to Africa (Namibia) back in 2018 for my confirmation, I too was "infected" by the "Africa Virus". This year, I was finally able to return to the southern continent...

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Highlights 2021


January 2022

Wintermonths at the lake

Once more a year has passed and it's time to summarise all the great moments in nature.

In the first winter months I've spent most of time at the lake near to where I live photographing the local wildlife with a friend.
During January and February we always get a lot of overwintering waterfowl...   

Project Tawny Owls

April 2021

Christmas Holidays

Tawny owls breed early in the year, at times even as early as February. Accordingly, the nest boxes had to be built and hung up as quickly as possible. Since I injured my knee shortly before the Christmas holidays and winter sports were therefore not possible, I had enough time to devote to my planned Matura thesis...

Summer holidays in Hungary


August 2020

Part 1 (Puszta)

Zurich – Budapest – River Theiss – Hortobágy Nationalpark – Fishponds – Saltlakes – Debrecen

I would never have expected that the trip to Hungary would be so incredibly rich in birds and wildlife. In the two weeks I saw over 46 new species of birds. A personal highlight!...

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